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Terms & Conditions

Your rights as a customer:

Once a sale is confirmed Revive will provide the customer with such
information that is available on the purchased item including the total cost
of the item and any additional delivery charges. Items are sold as is. It is the
customer’s responsibility to inspect items prior to purchase.
We will at the time of sale, point out any imperfections or faults with the

In Store face to face sales


There is a strict 30 days return period after which the commission-seller is
paid out and the sale cannot be refunded.

Revive is not legally obliged to offer a refund unless the customer can
demonstrate that they have been misinformed or the item sold was fault or
not fit for purpose and that these faults were not pointed out to the
customer at the time of purchase.

If the customer can demonstrated that Revive did not point out a fault at
time of sale, a refund will be offered.

Customer must produce receipt of sale or proof of transaction (e.g. credit
card receipt) before refund is issued.
If a refund is due it will be issued within fourteen days of refund agreed


If delivery is requested at time of purchase, Revive will deliver items
within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Delivery days and times may vary. Delivery schedules will be attempted
that suit the customer, however dates/times cannot be guaranteed.
If items are not delivered within 30 days of date of sale, the customer has
the right to request and receive a refund.

Online sales

Advertising of items for sale
Revive will provide the customer with the following:
A description of the goods
The total price of goods
Information on how to pay for the goods or services
Information on delivery charges and other relevant costs
Details of our return policy and who is responsible for return for the items
if the customer has a right to cancel.


The customer has the right to cancel the moment the online purchase is
completed and the customer’s right to cancel ends 14 days from date of
customer’s receipt of goods.
If the customer cancels before the purchased item is shipped, a full refund
will be issued.
The customer has 14 days after receipt of the item to initiate a return and
return the goods.
Revive will not take responsibility for any items that get lost or damaged
during transit for return. If goods are returned to damaged a refund will
not be issued.
If the customer makes an order over the phone, Revive will advise the
customer of their rights as laid out above.
Consumer contract regulations state that the customer does not have the
right to cancel as laid out above in the following instances:-
Purchase of cds/dvds or software if seal is broken
Perishable items

Tailor made items
Personalised items


We are responsible for purchased items until they reach the customer.
We will dispatch items within 2 working days of purchase date. (If for any
reason dispatch is delayed, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours
of purchase date and advised of expected delivery date ).


If the customer receives an item and it is damaged or faulty, Revive will
cover the cost of any return postage.
If the customer cancels an order in line with above cancellation procedure
then the customer must pay for the return of the item.

Replacement items

Revive rarely stock more than one of any item, however if the customer
returns an item that is faulty a replacement will be offered if one is
Once a replacement has been agreed the customer must return the faulty
item within fourteen days of replacement agreed date.

Sale/second hand items

All of the refund rights detailed above apply regardless of whether the
customer purchased a product on sale or second hand.


If a gift voucher is purchased by the customer from Revive online it will be
dispatched within 2 working days of purchase.
Redeeming your Voucher
Vouchers can be redeemed in store or online.
Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.

Revive does not offer refunds on vouchers bought in store.
If a voucher is purchased online – the customer consumer rights for online
purchases are not affected

The customer has the right to cancel the moment an online purchase is
completed and the customer will be refunded. The customer’s right to
cancel ends 14 days from the date the customer receives the voucher. After
the 14 days refunds cannot be issued.

Items sold on Consignment


If the customer initiates a return before we have paid a commission-vendor
we will advise our client and let them know their item has been returned
and will be put back out for sale.
If the customer initiates a return after we have paid a commission-vendor,
the item is considered ours and we are free to sell as our own.


If the customer purchases an item and leaves a holding deposit, Revive will
hold the item for 30 days from the date of purchase.
If the customer does not finalise the purchase and pay the balance
outstanding, within 30 days, the item will be put back out for sale and the
deposit will not be refunded.


Revive accepts no liability for any loss or damage that occurs to customers’

items from the date of purchase to the time it is collected.
If the customer pays for an item in full but for any reason cannot take
delivery of the item, Revive can store it for 14 days from date of purchase
free of charge.
Should the customer fail to collect an item or decide to have the item/s
delivered but do not advise us by the end of 14 days, Revive reserves the
right to charge the customer up to £100 per month storage charge for up to
a maximum of six months.

If the customer fails to collect an item within six months of purchase date,
the item will be listed for sale again in the shop and the customer will not
receive a refund.

Selling items back to the store

Revive is not at liberty to buy back items from customers.
Revive will give each transaction due consideration and will deal with
items on a piece-by-piece basis, at a price that need not reflect the original
purchase price of the item.